Thai style Chicken Stir Fry


I love Thai food. It is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and incorporates all the main food groups leading to a balanced meal. For those who are cutting down on calories, they can avoid the use of coconut milk in the recipes, just add a few teaspoons for flavour, specially in the signature Red & Green curries.

The best part about a Thai meal is that it is so easy to cook! Believe it or not, it is the simplest cuisine yet so bursting with taste, colors and  aroma.

Here I am sharing a stir fry recipe. I make it with bone-less chicken, the vegetarians can replace it with Tofu or Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

You can use as many fresh vegetables as you like, I have used Bell Peppers, French Beans and Spring Onions.


Boneless Chicken (Sliced)       300 gms

Red And Yellow Bell Pepper  1 Each, Diced

Spring Onions                               5-6 Chopped

Beans                                                1 Cup Chopped

Lemon Grass                                   2 Stalks

Kafir Lime Leaves                          4-5

Basil Leaves                                       4-5

Lemon Juice                                     2-3 tbsp

Corn Flour/Maida                          1/2 Cup

Oil (Sesame/vegetable)                5 tsp

Salt & Pepper


Make a marinade of lemon juice, salt and pepper. I use this easy marinade for chicken and fish for stir frying or shallow frying. You can use this with a dash of extra virgin olive oil to marinate chicken for grilling/roasting too.

Add the chicken pieces to it and mix it all nicely together. I use my hands, and roll the ingredients nicely about. Set it aside for half an hour. Oh, this waiting part is what I don’t like hehehehe 😛

Once the chicken is marinated, you are ready to rock n roll. Put a non-stick pan on the gas stove. If unlike me you are not counting calories (lucky you!) you can use a regular pan or skillet. Put the oil in it and let it heat.

While the oil warms up, take the corn flour/Maida in a flat dish and dust the chicken pieces with it. Coat them lightly coz we don’t want pakoras right 🙂

Now the oil should be crackling hot, carefully put the chicken pieces in it. Now stir them quickly and as they turn white, they have begun to cook. Secret Tip : Breast meat cooks faster, but Leg meat is tastier, so I normally go for the boneless leg meat.

Once the chicken has started to take on a pink crunch add the beans since they take a bit longer than the other veggies. Keep stirring. After the beans are a bit done add the Bell Peppers. Toss them about for a minute and then add the spring onions, basil leaves and Kafir Lime leaves. Tip : Crush the Basil and Kafir leaves a little with your fingers. The aromas and oils are released and the flavor is enhanced!

Now is the time to add the Lemon Grass too. For those using it for the first time, remove the outer layer of the stalk. Remove the edge of the bulb with a knife. Now take out your rolling pin and smash the lemon grass a bit till it flattens and releases its aroma. Now throw it in the pan.

Stir every thing, add salt and some coarsely crushed Black Pepper. I use a lot of it. Sprinkle some water (1/5th of a cup) and cover the pan for a minute or two. The chicken and veggies will absorb all the wonderful taste of the herbs and the lemon grass.

voilà, its done. The Thai Chicken Stir Fry is ready to serve! And Eat.

Enjoy! I am already drooling 😀 And do share how this turned out in your kitchen.


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