Kadhai Commotion! My experiment with Pakoras

Kadhai Commotion! My experiment with Pakoras.


Kadhai Commotion! My experiment with Pakoras


I was all of 7. Me and my younger sister were both fond of experimenting with food, behind our mum’s back, who would make lunch for us before leaving for work. Little did she know that we would add our own, mostly rookie twists to the food.

One day, during the monsoon, and yes, global warming was not a thing in those days and it used to rain cats and dogs in Delhi, I had this urge to eat pakoras.

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Pan Grilled Paneer With Bell Peppers

Pan Grilled Paneer with Bell Peppers

This is an extremely easy recipe yet full of flavors and health, with a good combo of protein and veggies, It makes a full meal and if you have left overs it makes for a great sandwich filling too.


Paneer : 200 gms sliced to 1/4 inch pieces

Red & Yellow Bell peppers : 10 roundels each

Salt & Pepper : To Taste

Juice of 1 Lemon

2 tsp : Olive Oil (or vegetable oil)


Marinate the Paneer Pieces in a flat plate with lemon juice, salt and pepper. I keep my pepper coarse, as it adds a nice crunch on top. Keep them in the fridge for half an hour.

Take the paneer out, and heat a non-stick pan. Pour the oil. Let the pan heat up. Gently slide the paneer pieces on the pan. Let them brown on each side. Take them out.

In the same pan add the Bell Pepper roundels. Sprinkle some salt and toss them around. If you are not counting calories, you can sprinkle some oil. I don’t as the peppers cook fast and turn nice brown on their own. Take them off the heat just when they are still crunchy.

Serve them immediately in a flat dish.

Secret Twist ( Smear some Orange Garlic Mustard from Indigo Deli on the paneer OR sprinkle some Sumak Powder before serving)


Kitchen Ahoy!

When you love good food as much as I do, the kitchen becomes your best friend.

Now I am not saying everyone should or does love cooking. But it is always better to know how to stir up food. for days when your help takes off or you are not in the mood for outside food.

This blog is my way of spreading food love. With anecdotes and recipes, of foods and places which serve food the way I like it.

Being a foodie comes naturally to me. My mum and my dad are both cooks par excellence. From Mutton Curry to Matar Pulao, from Puri aloo to Punjabi Chhole, our kitchen was always a magical place from which aromas will waft through and we would know a great meal awaits.

Food is to be savored mouthful by mouthful. I can not stand gulpers. If someone has made an effort, whether its your mum, sister, wife, girlfriend or husband, dad, brother… Respect it. Science also says that chewing and enjoying food is the key to good health and proper digestion.

I would also like to emphasize upon the presentation. The key to everything. Garnishing and tabling of food can take it notches above. Well laid out food really completes the process.

I like to experiment with recipes, a lot infact.

In my dialogues with food I have failed too, tried again and succeeded, to create food that gives me a happy stomach and a happier soul.

Come join me on this journey as we explore food together. Recipes are welcome, and will be shared here.

Lets spread love through food.